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It’s spring and everything is fresh and new. Things are blooming. Is your headshot really old? Spring is a beautiful time of renewal and a great time to spring clean your photos on your website and social media just like you spring clean your home. Find out why it’s important to update your photos.

Are Your Headshots Really Old?


You’re a mom. You know all moms work hard. You’re also always behind the camera, most moms are behind the camera. This Mother’s Day, if you’re fortunate enough to have your mom close by, I want to say to you…take a picture of your mom.

Capture Your Mom on Mother’s Day


Your kids are growing up fast. They’ll be graduating from high school and leaving your house for their next adventure before you know it. You wonder what it’ll be like in your house when they aren’t living with you anymore. You’d like to do something more than simply posting pictures of them on social media.

A Unique Way to Treasure a Moment


Have you been to a friend’s house and noticed how beautiful and personal their home looked because they had family portraits decorating it? Portraits are a great way to add a personal touch to your home, and they don’t have to be confined to the same old spots on the wall.

No Room to Hang a Photo?


You’re out with your friends having a great time, and then someone pulls out their phone and they want to take a picture! Your first reaction is that you aren’t ready for a picture! What do you do in that instant?

Quick Tips for Unexpected Snapshots With Girlfriends


You’re trying to look for a photographer and you’re stuck. You don’t know where to look, you don’t know what to look for, and you’re getting frustrated. Check out this short 2 minute video to find out the top 3 things to look for when hiring a photographer.

Top 3 Things to Look for When Hiring a Photographer


Do you have a high school senior and you’re wondering how to make their senior portraits different and personalize them? Check out this short 2 minute video for some ideas.

Personal Props to Bring to Your Senior Portrait Session


Do you feel stressed when thinking about getting your family portraits taken? Do you feel like you all have to wear the same outfits and match? Then you say forget that, I’m not getting any pictures taken, that’s too much work!

Do You Have to Match for Family Portraits?


Do you need to get some headshots or have a personal branding session for your business, and you don’t know where to get your portraits taken? Do you feel like they have to be stiff and corporate looking? It doesn’t have to be that way! Check out this short 2 minute video to learn more.

Do Outdoor Branding Sessions Help You Stand Out?

Woman with her hands up asking "Do Outdoor Branding Sessions Help You Stand Out?"


Do you have a senior in high school or soon to be senior in your household and you’re wondering, when the best time is to get their senior portraits taken? There are benefits of all four seasons!

Did You Know There Are Four Seasons to Capture Senior Portraits?

Deanna Taylor Photography, a Boutique Portrait Photographer, holding up four fingers, talking about how there are four seasons available to take senior portraits.